A Little Plug- Hughes’ Fish Co.

 Original post from June 2013- we are sad to add that Hughes have now closed. Are we bored of me banging on about local businesses and independent suppliers and the general evil of mass supermarket chains yet? No? Good. In that case I shall instead cut back to a point in history some ten years […]

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Mersea Food Festival

It’s easy to get cynical about foodie events these days, particularly if one is restricted to public transport. In these parts, this pretty much leaves you to a few affairs in Castle Park and the Christmas market. I recently found out that most of the events around Colchester are organised by the same soulless money […]

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The Cake Story

It’s the best kind of story!!!!!! And it begins with myself and the boy, wandering past a small cakery at least once every Saturday whilst about our business in sunny Colchester. With each passing we at least slowed down, if not all together stopped to admire the edible artworks in the window. We didn’t go in, […]

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A Little Plug- The Essex Bee Keeper

I’m all for getting behind local produce, supporting local businesses and reducing carbon footprints and wotnot.  Getting your hands on local produce may not always be as easy as you think though- some time ago whilst shopping to assemble a tart tartin I made a purposeful detour past Tesco to a small independent greengrocers for […]

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