A Little Plug- Bombay Palace, Colchester.


Just a quickie, but if you’re local try out Bombay Palace on Magdalen St, Colchester.
The boy and I just attended for a lazy Sunday tea and have filled the buffet gap left by swearing off our ex haunt of choice, House of China.
A la carte is available but we went for the all you can eat option (shock) and were treated to a made to order starter plate of meaty morsels before tucking in to the main event. Three rice, three veg, six curries including a lamb saag to die for and a satisfactory offering for the world’s greatest Korma fan accompanying me. Fab Bombay potatoes and loads of chutney, brill.
Whilst ‘all you can eat’ might never be elegant, it doesn’t have to be skeazy. Decadent decor, immaculate staff and your bill presented in a carved wooden box, this may be the classiest curry in Essex.
Bombay Palace ticks all the boxes and on a Sunday just £8.95 a head. Yes, you read that right. Go check them out.

From my smartphone, sorry for any format bugs


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