Beer Naked Ladies!

Personally I love a good stereotype and see no need to fight them- old ladies and sherry, Yorkshiremen in flat caps and who doesn’t like a good old cockerney eating pie and mash whilst doing a dance that seems to invole only the knees? Exactly, all good fun. However it seems that there is a whole beer (by which I mean Real Ale) drinking world out there which extends past country folk and middle aged men in cardigans.

Can you imagine!

With this in mind, I should like to introduce you to the Proper Real Ale Calendar girls, some ladies from my home borough out to spread the word on the joys of Actual Beer and bring real ale to the masses via the media of charitable fund raising. The charity is the Robin Cancer Trust (click here or take my word that they do good things for germ cell cancer research and awareness) and the product is a lovely 2015 calendar.


You remember the WI calendar with strategically placed cupcakes? Yeah, well swap the backdrop to a brewery and the cakes for pint pots and malt sacks and you can imagine what this little beauty has to offer for the small amount of your donation of choice over a tenner! Perfect for the discerning gentleman/locker room wall or secret santa gifts, Miss November is a cracker!

The calendar is available for purchase from 11th October and if you are local to Colchester you can pop along to the Victoria Inn on North Station Road from midday to midnight for the first official unveiling alongside a mini beer festival, BBQ action, man-waxing and other fun and games with all proceeds to the Robin Cancer Trust.

If you’re not so local, click here to order your very own copy by the interweb!

And if you don’t want a calendar you could just give them some money here.

Have you given them some money? Ok you can go now.



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