Food Hero: M&S New York Coffee

If only we had smell-o-blogging

We all have our little rituals on our days off, and of a Saturday morning I like nothing better than a slow start with a ton of coffee and a catch up with my on-line life.  I’ll happily confess to being something of a coffee tosser, and I’m subjected to diabolical machine swill at work all week so I’ll go all out on the weekend when the option presents itself.   I’m not talking about a super skinny-latte-macchiato-bingo-bango with vanilla syrup and hard biscuit from Starbucks (insert evil theme tune here). I’m talking ground, aromatic, proper coffee, lovingly (and noisily) bubbled through my faithful old filter machine before serving in a proper china mug which more than likely has some kind of superhero on it that I can savour in my PJ’s while I wait for Saturday Kitchen to start.

I do insist on fair trade, and tend to opt for organic where possible/affordable. Italian, Mexican, Ethiopian for a real treat but not always readily available. Just where is a girl to start? And moreover, where is a girl to stop as the options are plentiful and sometimes confusing.

Enter Marks and Sparks with their lovely, reasonably priced coffee in your expected spectrum of flavours, strengths and shiny labels. Most tick the fair trade guilt reducing box and come in at a couple of quid- look out for the more or less constant ‘Two for Not Much Money’ promotions in your local store.

The New York variety as pictured beats it’s beany brothers to become Food Hero of today for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it smells so wonderful and my whole flat is floaty with wake up yumminess before my brain has caught up with my body and realised it is out of bed.  Secondly it’s roughly half your average caffeine. Yeah, yeah, I hear you die hard barristas and student types and some years ago I would have shared your horrors on this reduction but these days AM Buzz turns to headache and grumpiness much faster than it used to. Plus, it stops my health conscious Male Of Choice from panicking about the negative effects of over caffeinating oneself. 

And now in perfect time, the percolation is complete, and I’m off for a cuppa. 

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