Hank’s Dirty- Colchester

WHAT- Plant based filthy fast food.WHERE- Central Colchester plus the usual delivery servicesHOW MUCH- £10-15 a head with drinks and dessertOVERALL- I’m moving out of this postcode before they bankrupt me.https://www.peninsulaveganfoods.com/hanks-colchester In the rare moments over the past few months I’ve been at my actual office in an actual town centre, I tend to wander […]

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Boomboom’s Easy Guide To Diets

If you live in the UK at the moment firstly- hang in there. This current climate of buffoonery and Barnard Castle is our karma for Colonialism and Morrisey but it can’t last forever. Secondly, you’ll have seen our wise and just leaders are very concerned about the waist of the nation. We’re apparently all too […]

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Double Choc Nut Banana Bread

I’ve spent a bit of time this year trying to improve upon a number of free-from recipes that I came across when tasked with creating gluten, dairy and egg free cakes for a family wedding buffet. Those results were not something I’m desperately proud of, and I’m confident that rice flour is not going to […]

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