Rhubarb Vodka

freshly picked rhubarb

This rhubarb vodka is without doubt one of my most satisfying grow-my-own concoctions to date.

I’ve had a great crop of rhubarb this year and I love the stuff, I love the taste and the scent of it which I would quite happily perfume my house with if I could. Although it can be pretty winky stuff to eat without a lot of added sugar or other fruits, the distinctive and astringent taste makes it a great addition to clean drinks and crisp summer cocktails.

I have added some ginger in this infusion as I think it is an easy and classic pairing to give a warm and aromatic edge to the sharp, green taste of rhubarb. It is not as sweet or pink as many on-trend rhubarb boozes you will find in the shops at the moment but is intensely flavourful and goes very well in a champagne cocktail or most perfectly with plenty of ice, a slice of orange and some tonic water. A slug of this will seriously spruce up a glass of ginger beer.

If served very cold it is also quite palatable neat but don’t be fooled by the fruitiness, the ABV is pretty high so it is definitely for sippin’, not slammin’!

Boom Boom Rhubarb Vodka

rhubarb vodka, ready to infuse

You will need a large mason jar, a funnel and a decanting bottle.

300g fresh rhubarb, washed and cubed.
500ml vodka
50g demerera sugar
50g caster sugar
A thumb sized chunk of fresh root ginger, thinly sliced

Sterilise your mason jar first with a thorough soapy water wash and rinse. Simply put in all the above ingredients, seal and give it a gentle shake. Take care to very thinly slice the ginger to get plenty of surface area for the flavour to infuse into the vodka. You can grate it but this will be harder to strain when it is ready.

Leave in a cool, dark cupboard for at least a month, inverting once a day until the sugar has dissolved.

When the time comes, have a sneaky taste and add more sugar if it is too sharp for you. Decant into a clean, tightly sealable bottle. I use a funnel with a built in strain but if not you could line it with muslin.

Serve as you would any flavoured vodka but I recommend it over ice with a clementine slice and some Fevertree Light Tonic.

A note on the vodka- don’t use ultra cheap vodka here please, mid-shelf quality is fine. I like Russian Standard or Absolut. 




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