Grow Your Own- If Only We Had Ducks

Staying in the dry side of the glass today. Cameo appearance from Errol the Lemon there on the right.

Good morning Green Fingerers, this post comes to you from a firm plot on the sofa sponsored by the consistent drumming of rain on double glazing.
So, another rained off Saturday garden date however I can observe good things from this side of the patio doors. Although inedible, it is consistently satisfying to see a good splash of colour in the form of cherfully blooming tulips and a pink flowering shrub that may or may not be some kind of currant.
Through a matter of landscaping we have inadvertently dehomed roughly a million snails which seems naughty but the unsightly stone pile they were living in had to go. Who keeps piles of stones as a garden accessory? I suspected to find pet remains beneath but it seems that no, our predecessors just liked rubble. I hope to make up the fauna count with a cutesy insect house recently installed by the primroses and continuing efforts to entice birds beyond our resident wood pigeons and fat Starling. We had a great tit for a while but he seems to have titted off for the time being.

But now, the edibles!

The onion patch going strong.

Onions.  Red Karmen variety planted from bulb in ground and in pot and doing well in both, they all seemed to appear at once in the first week of April. Strong green shoots and lots of them.

Lettuce. Red and Green Salad Bowl variety planted from seed in ground and pot. Not killed by a hard frost shortly after planting which is rather thrilling and they are doing very well in plot and pot. So far about twenty two-leaf shoots growing rapidly around the evil weeds which I’m trying to control without chemicals as I do actually want to eat them in the summer.

Carrots. Nantes 5 variety planted in the last week of March in ground and pot. Visual evidence expected in the next ten days.

Rosemary:  Planted from seed in nursery pots currently inside and showing no sign of life whatsoever. Can confirm from general weed growth in the nursery pots that our compost stash seems to be contaminated with something, possibly bloody dandelions.

Established Herbs. Potted oregano and rosemary received by way of house warming gifts. Oregano mildly poached after being left in the conservatory on a very sunny day but now recovering outside. Next priority to get into bigger planters.

Hazelnuts. Catkins shed but behind on budding compared to the other tree life.  Constant discovery of nuts on the ground everywhere gives me faith that they will catch up.

Fig Tree. Established tree, not doing much since last time.

WTF Trees. Starting to bud, one cautiously identified by The Mothership as a plum of some sort. Time will tell.

Chilli Plant. Still going solidly on the windowsill, first fruit picked and in my freezer stash.

Lemon tree. I grew poor old Errol the Lemon from a pip in my my old flat and it has somehow survived on minimal light and root space for some seven years. He’s too big to stay inside now and getting very leggy in search of light so has been moved tentatively into out thermally shot conservatory to see if he can take the cold. He’s doing really well so far with much greener leaves and beginning to grow out again not just up. Would love to plant him out one day.

Left- still unidentified pink flowering maybe currants. Top right- WTF tree blossoms. Bottom right- recovering oregano.

So that’s it for today, though my garden time quota won’t be wasted as there is plenty of tea and an Alan Titchmarsh instructional tome to be consumed. Happy Weekend all.


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