Come to The Dark Side, we have cocktails………

This is a teaser of sorts, as I have very little to tell on this particular product other than that I have started it’s preparation.

Following on the theme that bought us my own take on Limoncello, as infused for my father each Christmas, we now have an experimental dark liquor brewing on the theme of liquorice. Vile stuff liquorice as far as I’m concerned, but many of my people seem to like it. I came across this idea when surfing the web for some interesting, sweetie based drink infusions that I might be able to bang out by Christmas. I’d never even heard of foxes dark!

Glacier mints? Definitely, love them. Glacier fruits? Also good sweets to my mind but what is this, this purple, grown up, slightly sordid looking thing? Foxes Glacier Dark, aniseed and liquorice flavoured boiled sweets in the classic foxes brick shape. Small, sweet, and according to my sources, highly soluble in Russia’s finest export.

Sweet shop themed vodka is on the cool kids list at the moment, we’ve all seen the stories about skittles vodka and how the green ones will ruin it right? It makes sense that most sweets would work to soften up some vodka. I fully intend to try out some old favourites in the coming months- namely rhubarb and custards, peppermint balls and maybe even some werthers original. But back to the C Word- I know a couple of liquorice lovers who will hopefully be happy to receive some blackened, sweet dark booze from Santa this year.

The method is pretty simple, put one pack of glacier darks (unwrapped of course, don’t be silly) into a preserving bottle, fill up with vodka, shake periodically. Wait. The little pastilles should be gone within a fortnight, dissolving to give a sweet, sticky infused vodka with a pleasant aniseedy kick. We shall see, we shall see. Stay tuned for updates, I have high hopes for this one. Odd as I have very little intention of drinking very much of it. Merry Christmas!

The elusive Foxes Glacier Dark sweets, not desperately common unfortunately.

Update: One Week On: I have to correct this to say that it took less than three days for all the sweets to melt, without too much shaking at all. I also have to correct the suggestion that I don’t really want to drink it because it is lovely! Yes, me, who doesn’t like anise or liquorice that much just tried a half shot to see if the sugar levels were high enough and am now sorely tempted to knock up another bottle for myself. Yes, Co-taster, and another one for you too!
It’s sweet, it’s mysteriously smoky looking and it’s dangerously drinkable, and I implore you to give it a go if you like a naughty tipple once in a while. 


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