The Perfect Fishfinger Sandwich Hunt- My House.

It’s been far too long since I had a good dose of self judgement so here it goes, the resulting review from a home made fishfinger sarnie. It could have been worse.

The Venue: My sofa, on a sunday night watching the Iron Giant and trying to ignore the fact that it’s probably too late to be eating dinner.


The Sandwich: Four of Birds Eye’s finest fish fingers, served on toasted Hovis Wholemeal with a light smear of half fat mayo and iceberg lettuce. And a side of cucumber sticks. Yes, cucumber sticks. I’d like to take this opportunity to mention to Hovis, if they are reading, that their sliced bread SUCKS for sandwiches, even toasted it’s too skinny and weak to stay together around anything more substantial than a scraping of flora light. Rubbish.

The Verdict: I love a fishfinger sandwich and despite self destructing bread and not quite enough mayo, this was a more than satisfying supper. How so? Birds Eye. That’s how so. Birds Eye make the best fishfingers. They cook in no time, they don’t disintegrate and four of them fit perfectly onto your average slice of bread (three vertical, one horizontal) so easy sammiching.

The Score: In the grand scheme of my eating life, vs various other fishfinger sandwiches probably a generous six, but a point had to be lost for the fact that I have to wash up so 5/10. I should add though that if we were scoring purely on quick dinners I can eat off my lap after the gym when there’s sod all food in the house because Monday is Tesco day, it would get a solid nine points.



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