Home Sprouts Part 3: Black Beans.

Le sigh.
The Black Bean Pile
Yes, here it is kids, another week of hard rinsing and nurture (I even sang to them for a little while) and pictured above is my triumphant, single black bean sprout.

Turns out that my staggering lentil crop of earlier weeks was a freak positive result rather than an easily swinging open doorway to sprouting success. I don’t really know why, the quinoa was a total bust but when a couple of little nubs of white started to show in the increasingly slimy black bean pile, I had some hope that my luck had turned. There were four at one point, shedding their split black shells and swelling up to push out the tiny beginnings of a proper shoot. Sadly the pictured sprout (I like to call him Big Jimmy) is the only survivor, resisting the urge of his fallen brothers to suddenly shrivel up and turn brown. Somehow I don’t quite have the heart to eat him.

So once more, abandon bean. In the short term, I’m back to the aforementioned puy lentils. I really wanted to try some peas, I really lurve sprouted peas, so much so that I’m not sure I can take the hearbreak of failure with them. So today, I shall finish this coffee, whizz up dessert for my pending dinner guests, then put in some quality time with google and the possibility of proper sprouting apparatus.


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