Stilton & Watercress Muffins

Someone was once heard to say ‘not everyone likes cake’. And to that I say those people are quitters who haven’t the stamina to keep searching for the kind of cake that they like!

But sweet treats aren’t for everyone, so I was drawn to seek out something off the beaten patisserie path. I’m also attending my Uncle’s birthday celebrations tomorrow- Happy Birthday Uncle Pete!- and I do like to take some munchables with me to such events.

Cupcakes seemed a bit girly and obvious, so away to the thinking caps. One resounding image of him is a long ago Christmas at the dinner table, where I enthusiastically but unsuccessfully entered into negotiations as to the liberation of a lump of stilton from his plate. I was about 6 or 7 at the time, but somehow I will always associate him with mouldy cheese. If that isn’t a touching family sentiment, I don’t know what is. 

So tomorrow, we debut the stilton muffins, and if you read on you can make your own. Dead simple, dead yummy, and not girly at all. 


250g plain white flour
150g stilton cheese (no rind please!)
1tbsp baking powder
pinch salt
150g carrots, finely grated
50g watercress
225ml milk
90ml good quality sunflower oil
1 egg

Start off warming the oven to 170C and lining some muffin tins- the above quantity will make 8-10 large muffins or about 20 smaller cupcake sized ones.

Grate the carrot finely, set aside.

Take about half of the water cress and chop very finely. Chop the rest roughly, add to the carrot.

In a separate bowl mix your flour, salt and baking powder. Crumble up your stilton into small lumps and mix gently into the dry ingredients.

In yet another receptacle, combine your egg, milk and sunflower oil and beat vigorously. Add this to the flour and cheese and stir gently with a metal spoon to combine. It should be lumpy from the cheese but be careful to not leave any floury patches. Be very light handed and take the time on this stage.

Now add the watercress and carrot and mix again, gently.

Spoon your muffin mix into the cases and then put them in the oven. Check after about 15 minutes, they don’t rise very much so don’t expect them to be very rounded. The tops should be just going golden and some melty cheese should be oozing from the top. If in doubt, an inserted skewer should come out clean.

Set aside to cool. You’re done. Check you out.

Stay tuned for a bacon and brie variation, coming soon.

7 thoughts on “Stilton & Watercress Muffins

    1. It works with feta or goats cheese instead (use spinach rather than the watercress) and I’m working on perfecting a brie version at the moment. Stay tuned!

      1. Goat cheese sounds perfect and it will have to be spinach when I try these.. only seen watercress once up here 😦

  1. Tried the recipe with proper imported Stilton (costs a bomb down here but worth it!). Ohh emm gee. I think I love you 😀

    1. Good to hear! Works with feta too, I’m working on a brie and bacon version too, stay tuned!

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