20 Questions With Two Brews!

This week we’re talking to Paul, the mind behind the mighty Two Brews- a wee indie store in Colchester selling the craftiest beers and coffees that your money can buy. I cannot say enough good things about this shop, so just take my word for it and check out the links at the end. 1: […]

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Something New- Decaff??????

I’ve not had much to say of late, for reasons which will soon become apparent. So let us start by flashing back to a couple of weeks ago on a Friday lunchtime rush round the aisles of Asda. Not something I usually enjoy because yes, I am a supermarket snob and my local Asda is […]

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Food Hero: M&S New York Coffee

We all have our little rituals on our days off, and of a Saturday morning I like nothing better than a slow start with a ton of coffee and a catch up with my on-line life.  I’ll happily confess to being something of a coffee tosser, and I’m subjected to diabolical machine swill at work […]

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