Stuffed Peppers

Before it dwindles entirely, Happy Easter Foodies! My free long weekend this so called spring has been pretty untraditional with curries and excessive amounts of exercise and so far not a sniff of chocolate. Weird perhaps, but unforced and relaxing it has been. I have, however decided to finish off this Easter Monday in an […]

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Very Green Soup

Well the festive season officially ended yesterday and I don’t know about you, but I could use some dietary fibre. I would like to blame my sluggish bulginess on no less than three Christmas dinners, one boxing day buffet, one boxing night cheeseboard and a new years day roast but in truth, I think it’s […]

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Not Au Vin

I did a great thing last night. An unusual thing. I blew out generations of classic French food law in favour of something Delia Smith half mentioned once upon a time. And that my friends was to┬ábasically┬ámake a coq au vin, without the vin. Hmmm. Now I do like the classic and I’ve made it […]

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Just Beef Stew

I was hoping to have a nice long piece to write today about the Colchester Oyster Festival (not to be confused with June’s Oyster Fayre) but sadly it seems that I don’t have enough nice things to say about it to do so. It was a shame, as I’d been looking forwards to it for […]

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Creamy Mushroom Rice

A casual conversation about the perils of mushroom foraging with a co worker earlier in the month left me with a real craving for the humble fungi. I love mushrooms, and they will soon star as Food Heroes in their own right, but I have to admit I’m too scaredy to attempt picking my own. […]

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Moon Munch

These yummy, crunchy biscuits with oats and nuts were a staple treat when I was growing up, both in their construction and consumption. I still revisit these as a winter treat or whenever I need a quick comfort fix. Plus with superfood oats and all the omega 3 and 6 oils in those walnuts they […]

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