Week Night Cheat Night Curry

I wont even attempt to bill this as a proper from scratch curry, which is something I one day hope to master. What this is is a quick, simple dinner best utilised on a cold Wednesday night when you really don’t have it in you to mess around too much but must resist the call […]

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Veganstock! It’s like Woodstock only the people are selfrighteously clean about everything! I jest, I jest. To make your vegan stock you first need to catch 4 Vegans and hang them to cure in a cool dry place and oh alright fine I shall be serious. OK. Some time in the new year I was […]

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Basic Smoothie Recipe

Your five a day can be a chore sometimes, but why not get two of them out of the way in a quick, nutritious drink? It’s so good for you!     The below version is a common treat in my house, ┬áincluding belly friendly yoghurt, antioxidant rich superfood raspberries and unsung hero pineapple. Hydrating […]

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