A Little Plug- Bombay Palace, Colchester.

Just a quickie, but if you're local try out Bombay Palace on Magdalen St, Colchester. The boy and I just attended for a lazy Sunday tea and have filled the buffet gap left by swearing off our ex haunt of choice, House of China. A la carte is available but we went for the all … Continue reading A Little Plug- Bombay Palace, Colchester.



Tabbouleh- a traditional Arabic salad based around bulgar wheat, tomatoes and parsley but you needn't stop there. Onions, mint, cucumber, chilli, coriander- basically any fresh, flavoursome or crunchy raw ingredients. You can even swap the bulgar for couscous or rice but I don't know why you would. For me, it's the firm texture and nutty … Continue reading Tabbouleh