A Brief Interlude

Random image of my breakfast, now no longer in existence.

Yes, it’s been a while and these pages have been somewhat neglected of late. That’s not to say they have been entirely forgotten behind a deluge of day job and family affairs and the like, merely postponed. Now as I sit here, worshipping at the Church of Saturday Morning with a coffee and a fried egg sandwich I would like to share some hints of things to come (because I don’t have time to blog any of them today either). Teasers? Spoliers? Cynical diversionary tactic against the massive lack of fresh new content? Whatever. Here’s a taste.
Honey: I am LONG overdue a piece on the joys of honey and a good plug for some lovely locals who sell the stuff.
Coq au Vin: Like chicken? Like wine? Can’t go wrong. Only I’m not getting it 100% right at the moment but rest assured as soon as I do, it will be up here.
G&T Tutorial: A masterclass from the Essex Tanqueray Master also known as ‘Dad’.  You will be educated.
The Christmas Files: You may thing it’s too early for mention of The C Word this side of Halloween but some Christmas eats and drinks for giving and gobbling need to start earlier than you might think.
So there you are, I’ve not gone off the proverbial boil, but my simmering skills are required elsewhere for another little while. Back soon with lots more yummies and rants, I promise.


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