VIFC- Two Fat Ladies

No, we didn’t have an impromptu bingo night at the Victoria Inn Food Club for August, rather we drew the lot of recreating dishes from the old school beeb delights of Jennifer Patterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright, the proudly self proclaimed Two Fat Ladies. If you aren’t familar with them, think Floyd with busoms. If […]

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VIFC- Gino D’acampo Night

For the February outing of the Victoria Inn Foodie Club, we drew a celebrity chef from the random pot of themes, Mr Gino D’acampo. Personally, I was nonplussed at this happening as I snobbishly don’t quite count Mr GD as a proper chef. Sorry, but smiling on Ready Steady Cook and giving the odd housewife […]

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VIFC Meeting- Veg!

I think it is fair to say at the end of last month’s meeting there weren’t many whoops of joy as the theme of Vegetable was drawn. For clarity this meant that dishes for the October meeting had to not just involve but star vegetables. Major food groups such as meat, fish and chocolate were […]

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