Beety Bean Burgers

  I had a middle-satisfaction level harvest from the garden last week of some pretty ‘rainbow’ variety beetroot. They have done well to survive this year after late frosts, constant bird attack and the recent heatwave and were pleasingly tasty so it seemed appropriate to give them a proper send off rather than just chuck […]

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Very Warm Chickpea Salad

Ah, summertime, when life is nought but Will Smith jams and over dressed lettuces. A pesto drizzled heap of rocket is all well and good but a girl (or a boy, crikey) cannot live on feathery greens alone. A girl/boy/fraggle doesn’t always want to cook loads in the hotter days either and this is when […]

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20 Questions with Bumbles!

I love a bit of 5-A-Day action from my local greengrocers Bumbles, and they are with us this week to answer the most burning questions that life/this blog has to offer. Are you ready? 1: Describe what you without being boring? We are purveyors of the finest fruit & vegetables aka Greengrocers 2: What’s great about […]

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Easy Kale Chips

  Following recent dietary requirements and a constant glut of the superfood-that-we-aren’t-allowed-to-call-a-superfood-anymore Kale recipes, I have had several bashes at making  my own kale chips at home. They are pretty simple to do, though you have to pay attention, and make a fine addition to any nibbles plate or weekend sports observation table. If, like […]

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Are you going to eat….Jackfruit?

Right off the bat, I will confess proudly to being no kind of coconut scented veganuary detox guru. I eat meat, I’m overweight and I’m not sure how to pronounce ‘quinoa’. That’s not to say I don’t see the benefits to this planet and all the bodies on it to eating plenty of plants, easing […]

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Stuffed Peppers

Before it dwindles entirely, Happy Easter Foodies! My free long weekend this so called spring has been pretty untraditional with curries and excessive amounts of exercise and so far not a sniff of chocolate. Weird perhaps, but unforced and relaxing it has been. I have, however decided to finish off this Easter Monday in an […]

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Chilli Non Carne

Ye Gods I’m going to start getting hate mail from the local butchers soon but here goes, it’s Vegetarian Day according to Google. I have unintentionally fallen into line with this by coming home and knocking up a big pot of spicy beans. This is because I still have stock to use up from the […]

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To Veeg, Or Not To Veeg?

That is the question of the day. And as I write this while tucking into some farmhouse pate, not a question that comes easily to me. I advocate and enjoy a rich and varied diet and honestly believe that your bog standard human being is made for meat consumption. Just check out your teeth, you […]

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Home Sprouts Part Two: Quinoa

Quinoa. Amino acid rich wonder grain, heralded by healthy living types the world over as the answer to pretty much everything. The only trouble I find, is that it’s kind of a bitch to cook as the window between rock hard and granular mush is very slight indeed. As a result, I have a load […]

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