Ultimate Pasta Sauce

I remember going to uni as a naive 18 year old and being utterly horrified by the general gravitation of my cohorts in academia towards jarred, mass produced and frankly horrible pasta sauce. I understood that they were cheap, and convenient, and easily stored at room temperature in the back of a cupboard where they […]

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Salsa Salad

Salsa: Spanish language term for ‘sauce’, wildly overused in cookery terminology to describe all manner of hot and cold dips, drizzles, sides and accompaniments. see also: hip-wiggle heavy dance discipline dependent on black silk shirts and excessive amounts of hair gel. Like many a child of the 90s my first experience of salsa was of the […]

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Slow Roast Tomatoes

I must start off by giving credit here to my friend and colleague Helen who told me yesterday I simply had to try these slow roast, tapas-type tomatoes. She promised a transformation of any bog standard 50p packet of tomatoes into a moreish veggie treat great as a barbecue side, starter or general nice picky thing- currently topical […]

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