Beans n Bacon- a skinny thing!

I’ve been away this last week on a brief tour of South Wales, not a typical holiday but one I have returned home from with two very typical concerns- an expanding waistline and an almost empty fridge. Gah! I’m sure the former is familiar to most of us- there’s something about being away that just […]

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Not Au Vin

I did a great thing last night. An unusual thing. I blew out generations of classic French food law in favour of something Delia Smith half mentioned once upon a time. And that my friends was to basically make a coq au vin, without the vin. Hmmm. Now I do like the classic and I’ve made it […]

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Coq au Vin

Much as it pains me to say it, the French do get some stuff right. Very right indeed. And if you’ve ever had a decent chicken in wine you’ll know why it has survived the taste test of time to become a bona fide classic. There are rumours it first came about shortly after Julius Caesar conquered those troublesome […]

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Ah, Kedgeree. Famed anglo-indian brunch dish of curried fishy ricey stuff. It’s a personal favourite of mine I must admit. A bit like yorkshire pudding. Obviously, Kedgeree is nothing like yorkshire pudding in a literal sense, but as with the famed yorkies I have never made a traditional kedgeree that I was completely happy with. […]

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Creamy Mushroom Rice

A casual conversation about the perils of mushroom foraging with a co worker earlier in the month left me with a real craving for the humble fungi. I love mushrooms, and they will soon star as Food Heroes in their own right, but I have to admit I’m too scaredy to attempt picking my own. […]

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