Afternoon Tea At Memoirs

I’ve been meaning to check out Memoirs for some time- the now not-quite-new conversion of the old library in Colchester town hall into a fine dining restaurant. This was the first of several moves from the town hall to make more commercial use of the space there including The Cells in the old magistrates dungeons […]

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Are You Going To Eat…..Carbs?

First off, if you are diabetic or think you are, then please don’t take any of this on board, you don’t do carbs like other people do. See a doctor, don’t listen to me. Second first off, let’s actually define a ‘Carb’ because the diet and health conscious world we now live in is carbs […]

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Quick Steak Sauce

It was anniversary day in the household yesterday (aaaaaaaaw) and afer much deliberation we concluded on celebrating 5 years of uninterrupted togetherness with a seaside walk and retro shop visits followed by a steak dinner and syndicated dinosaur themed blockbuster movie. Hooray! Smiths of Brightlingsea provided some stonking ribeyes and a quick leaf through my […]

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