VIFC Meeting- Rick Stein

If you’ve been following the VIFC chronicles you may have noticed that so far we’ve only had time periods or ingredients as themes. Last month the first celebrity chef theme was selected, and we got Mr Rick Stein to draw our inspiration from. In a short biography I give you Rick Stein: restaurateur and TV […]

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A Little Plug- Hughes’ Fish Co.

 Original post from June 2013- we are sad to add that Hughes have now closed. Are we bored of me banging on about local businesses and independent suppliers and the general evil of mass supermarket chains yet? No? Good. In that case I shall instead cut back to a point in history some ten years […]

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A Worthy Debate for a Friday

So, it is time to settle an argument unwillingly opened by my mother this past weekend on the subject of the favoured lunch of millions- The Fishfinger Sandwich. The preferable, even out and out correct, serving of this dish provoked a firey debate in the caravan. There were many suggestions put forwards from my luncheon […]

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