Shakshuka. Sort of.

Last week I read a very amusing article on BS slimming fads and how almost all celebrity fronted diet books feature some kind of chilli spiked eggs for breakfast. I was thus reminded about my much mused but never materialised intentions to do some huevos rancheros for Saturday breakfast at some point in my life. […]

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The Skinny Thing- scrambled eggs.

Urgh, sunshine, and with it the impending doom of the season that I dread annually. Yeah great, summer. Weddings, swim suits, exposed flesh and body image neuroses ahoy! Yay! I’m not going to slag off people who are diet obsessed, I myself often think the diet obsessed are ridiculous souls who need to just be sensible, go to the […]

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Are you going to eat……Eggs?

For those of you used to seeing the more exotic foodery in Are you going to eat that? I should confirm first off that I am just talking about your bog standard eggs. Hen eggs. Chicken embrya. Un-fertilized pullus zygotes. Yeah, eggs. Eggs have been a topic of hot debate in the food/health pages for […]

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