The Skinny Thing- Weight Watchers

Weight watchers. Haven’t I slammed them recently? Don’t I hate commercialised weight loss plans? Yeah, I do, in a way. I understand weight loss science and the evil psychology of effective marketing. I also need to lose more weight. I’m also a begrudging fan of Elliot Hulse. Who? Elliot Hulse: Relentlessly in your face former […]

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Are you going to eat……….Healthily??????

Yes it’s January and tradition, well wishers, do-gooders and your general Media Services are encouraging change. Not everyone loves change, particularly the kind of change that is an effort and quite possibly involves removing something from your life that you enjoy. Time now then for vomitous juice cleanses, binge exercise injuries and the suicidalĀ tendenciesĀ of trying […]

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