Roast Carrot Hummus

I think I’ve said before that New-Year-New-Youisms can bore right off for me, however I find myself in this early end of 2018 facing some needed changes in the kitchen, in particular by addressing my nutritional intake.┬áMany sources agree that the end to my woes will come from more protein. About 25% of my daily […]

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Chickpea Salad

Invented on the hop for an impromptu BBQ with cupboard basics and the dregs of the fridge contents the day before Morrissons Day! I enjoy chickpeas for diet friendly bulk, they are filling with reasonable protein and fibre content. They are also a nice summer feed for the non carnivores and just that bit tastier […]

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Week Night Cheat Night Curry

I wont even attempt to bill this as a proper from scratch curry, which is something I one day hope to master. What this is is a quick, simple dinner best utilised on a cold Wednesday night when you really don’t have it in you to mess around too much but must resist the call […]

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Spicy Hummus with Lime

Although this fits in with the currently running vegan theme, hummus is a staple favourite of mine and it appears on my table frequently. Packed full of goodness from the chickpeas (protein, fibre and a host of vitamins and minerals), hummus is easily personalised with any number of other ingredients but the below version is […]

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