Chlorination Chicken

Before we go any further I must thank dozens of witty social media types who came up with this easily hijacked pun about the latest Brexit related horror that is the possibility of US chlorine washed chicken ending up on your Sunday roast plate in the UK. Well done you. The table-top impact of Brexit […]

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Not Au Vin

I did a great thing last night. An unusual thing. I blew out generations of classic French food law in favour of something Delia Smith half mentioned once upon a time. And that my friends was to basically make a coq au vin, without the vin. Hmmm. Now I do like the classic and I’ve made it […]

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Coq au Vin

Much as it pains me to say it, the French do get some stuff right. Very right indeed. And if you’ve ever had a decent chicken in wine you’ll know why it has survived the taste test of time to become a bona fide classic. There are rumours it first came about shortly after Julius Caesar conquered those troublesome […]

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