Tabbouleh– a traditional Arabic salad based around bulgar wheat, tomatoes and parsley but you needn’t stop there. Onions, mint, cucumber, chilli, coriander- basically any fresh, flavoursome or crunchy raw ingredients. You can even swap the bulgar for couscous or rice but I don’t know why you would. For me, it’s the firm texture and nutty […]

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Veganstock! It’s like Woodstock only the people are selfrighteously clean about everything! I jest, I jest. To make your vegan stock you first need to catch 4 Vegans and hang them to cure in a cool dry place and oh alright fine I shall be serious. OK. Some time in the new year I was […]

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Pumpkin Soup

Ooooh, look at that bad boy! We all know the value of a pumpkin as a potentially artistic candle holder, but what about that lesser seen exotic option of actually eating the bloody thing?!? Every Halloween something like an actual billion tonnes of fresh Jack-O-Lantern innards end up in the bin, unloved and uneaten. Ok […]

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Chilli Non Carne

Ye Gods I’m going to start getting hate mail from the local butchers soon but here goes, it’s Vegetarian Day according to Google. I have unintentionally fallen into line with this by coming home and knocking up a big pot of spicy beans. This is because I still have stock to use up from the […]

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The Vegan Diaries- a post script

<—–I ate this last night, and it was bloody marvellous. I don’t regret a single mouthful- I’ve been the to the gym four times this week and celebrated a relationship milestone so yeah, guilt free treats all round. But now I’m facing the start of another week and as I sit here in front of […]

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The Vegan Diaries: Day Four- Veganitis.

Lethargic. Cranky. Light sensitive. Headache. Snotty. Lack of appetite. Sore throat. Having studied the symptoms carefully I can conclude that either: A: I have contracted some hideous, debilitating vegan borne disease that will doubtless destroy me before the week is out. B: I’m getting a cold. Option A might be more likely than you think, […]

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