A Little Plug- Aqua 8

Aqua 8- small but swanky mid price restaurant in central Ipswich offering 'Creative Pan Asian' cuisine and currently the top of my 'Must Revisit' list. I discovered them on recommendation for a half decent Chinese before a theatre outing in Suffolk's county town, in doing so discovering the high point of an otherwise disappointing weekend. … Continue reading A Little Plug- Aqua 8


Adventures In Slow Cooking- Medieval Stewed Heart

As promised from the last VIFC review, full instructions for the slow cooked stew I cobbled together using commonly heralded ingredients from the era, rather than an actual recipe. Because I couldn't find one. I must give due respect to the fellow foodies for all piling in for this without so much of a squeam … Continue reading Adventures In Slow Cooking- Medieval Stewed Heart