Hot Cross Bun Day!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember being a kid and being excited about eating all sorts of stuff. Moon munch, a half pint of prawns at the Ha'penny pier, giggly chops,  a Sunday morning choc dip infront of kids TV in a narrowly described bribe to not disturb the parents' lay in. Common culinary occurrences maybe but still genuine anticipatory mouth waterers. What was less … Continue reading Hot Cross Bun Day!!!!!!!!!!!


Ristorante Favoloso

Location: Balkerne Walk, CO1 1PA- just off the top of North Hill in Colchester town centre. Really comfortable inside, basement level dining with gorgeous table settings and décor. Close to parking and public transport. Food: Generally very good, huge selection, great meat and seafood dishes. Good wine list, try the Fiano! Ambience: Lovely, friendly staff, a lively and comfortable Friday night … Continue reading Ristorante Favoloso